The team

TVG consists of a strong group of individuals with cross-disciplinary skill sets and tools to help our ventures develop and accelerate their journeys forward. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us directly or at

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Lars-Henrik Friis Molin

Founder and owner

lars-henrik [at]

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Shahyan Khan

CEO TVG & Portfolio manager

shahyan.khan [at]

Philip Molin  Head of Research  philip.molin [at]

Philip Molin

Head of Research

philip.molin [at]

Philip Molin manager

Bo Gerdland


bo.gerdland [at]


Noel Altauil

Business and Financial TVG

noel.altauil [at]


Karl Kwarnmark

Sales & Marketing TVG

karl.kwarnmark [at]

Meet the CEO’s and Founders

Ali Amin
Founder UBI-Global

Jeff Berger
CEO Talent Inc

Ali Farshid
CEO Jobtip

Fredrik Gruvisare
CEO UBI-Global

Gustaf Rössner
CEO GreatPeople

Shraddha Chouhan
Acting CEO Nova Talent

Madeleine Celander
CEO Agentum

Boris Nordenström
Founder GreatPeople

Daniel Kjelsson
CEO Future Talent Council

Patrik Wigton
Founder Jobtip

Christian Hellberg
CEO & Founder Wintrgarden

Kaj Ossman
Founder Wintrgarden

Legal - Qap Legal Advisors

Growth Director - Mats Gerdin