Investing in the future of people. Everywhere.

The future of work is in the people it hires. That’s why we invest in HR & Talent Tech start-ups to ensure that future is filled with all the best people.

Since 2018, TVG has partnered with over 20 companies to develop disruptive ideas into actionable change for the HR & Talent Tech industry of tomorrow.

Founded by Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, his portfolio of HR & Talent Tech-focused ventures has spanned three decades and included noteworthy exits like Talent Inc., Jobline, Campuz Mobile and Universum Communications.

Collaborating with HR & Talent Tech thoughtleaders

Our tight-knit community thrives on building better relationships with talent around the world. Joining TVG means being part of a collaborative group of entrepreneurs that share one thing in common: your desire to improve the HR & Talent Tech space.
We’re a community, not competition.

Capitalizing on collective industry knowledge

We understand your niche and all its intricacies better than any other investor because of our in-depth knowledge of the HR & Talent Tech space. All our interwoven companies are catered to similar audiences with very similar needs — consider us the largest rolodex of customers for your specific niche.

Speaking your language

Our Expert Specialists know exactly where you’re coming from. This group of functional experts have extensive domain knowledge of every niche within HR & Talent Tech — and are thrilled to share it with all our portfolio companies.

Our People


More than 80 years of combined experience in building ventures, leading organizations and managing investments.




Acting Chairman

Investment Team

Naturally curious and analytically driven, our investment team is constantly working with founders to solve the biggest challenges in the HR & Talent space.


Investment Manager


Investment Controller

Venture Growth Specialists

A complementary group of specialists that helps our founders solve their biggest challenges and hit the next milestone. From sales to product, tech and marketing.




Sales & Partnerships

Karl K.

Marketing & HR

Functional Specialists

Experienced and solution-oriented, our team of functional specialists supports our founders with running their operations.


Senior Accountant




Junior Accountant



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