Our investment philosophy

TVG has a strong focus on investing and developing companies within the HR-tech and Talent-tech sphere. This industry-specific approach gives us large benefits in terms of collaboration and synergies between the companies, in-depth industry insights and firsthand knowledge on how the industry is developing on a large scale, creating a situation of valuable leverage for the group.

The knowledge gained by our approach, cultivates a unique position of insight for TVG and our companies, helping us to have a better and holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the sector, as well as make even better investment and development decisions with our entrepreneurs.

Our Investments

We continuously strive to be strategic partners and shareholders for each of our companies, and support our immensely strong entrepreneurs in their journey forward. We have listed our present holdings, in collaboration with unique and exemplary entrepreneurs, which we are honoured to be part of.

New investments

We are always interested in looking at new and exciting ventures within our field. Have an interesting company that would fit the group? Please get in touch with us and send an email to investments@talentventuregroup.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.