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Talent Venture Group, launched in 2018, is a long-term joint collaboration between Pinq Mango Capital Partners and the Friis-Molin family. The goal is to create a global portfolio of successful HR & Talent Tech companies worldwide within the next 10 years. The portfolio today consists of multiple companies within the HR & Talent tech industry including Talent Inc, Jobtip, Studentkortet, Nova, Wintrgarden, UBI Global, Future Talent Council, Great People, and Agentum to name just a few.


TVG develops early-stage companies within the HR & Talent tech sphere, into valuable companies ready for the global arena. The focus of TVG is on venture development, and supporting our companies as much as possible, to add value and secure a joint long-term growth journey.

As a company within the group, TVG offers a strong and integrated eco-system of services and support, such as administration, accounting, finance, technology-platforms, sales & marketing coaching, financing and strategy development. The mission of TVG is to act as a strategic partner to the companies and to support them on their accelerated journey towards global impact.


The founder, Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, is a well-known serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience with different HR and Talent-focused ventures and with a strong track record of building multiple successful companies with great exists. Some of his prior exits include Jobline, which was acquired by Monster in 2001, for over a billion SEK, Campuz Mobile which was sold to Vodafone in 2004 and most recently Universum Communications, a media- and communication corporation that was sold to the German company Axel Springer Group in May 2018 for half a billion SEK.

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How Talent Venture Group and Pinq Mango work together

Business is by people, for people. Pinq Mango Capital Partners understands the value of working with the right people to generate the best results.

Creating sustainable growth and seeing businesses – and their people – thrive, is the reason we do what we do. We love solving complex problems, and take great pride in helping our clients build valuable and resilient companies that are ready to meet the socio-economic challenges of the future.